the guy CLOGS in FLIP FLOPS! can u fukin beleive it? flip flops. and his hair is cut off like how they do before brain surgery. he has a surfer face. there are german noodles hanging off the skin of his back like he's been flagellated. medieval shit. no blood. blood is too kind to him. with its poison holding his body hostage like drop the money off in a big travel bag behind the train station. he has africa all over the bottom of his feet and whenever he goes there he is a star. the children follow him and touch his white skin. their dancing feet. he sings his songs and plays guitar. he clogs in flip flops. his hair is cut off like before they surgery a brain. his face is from a surfer. his back is flagellated and the skin hangs like german noodles. it's medieval. there is no blood because it is already full of poison. hostaged inside his veins. unmarked bills in a bus locker #33. he wears the people of africa all over his skin. they are forever touching him. he gives them music for smiles.