2333 : how was your weekend go fuck yourself :

The look on his face said, "No balloon is safe," and he raced toward an arch of them tethered in front of a store, ripped them loose and ran down the street with them flying over his head and trailing behind him like a balloon dragon in a Chinese parade. He ran through traffic with the bubbled rainbow and our friend and I ran behind, jumping on strays as they fell off the long tail and they popped like gunshots. People on the sidewalk gave that only-in-the-city look as we raced past and he finally abandoned the balloons near a trash can.

I felt italicized.

We got drunk/er and ate burgers and he dropped his burger in its basket and told our friend, who is in love, that he hated our friend's girlfriend and called her a piece-of-shit cunt-idiot and such and I sliced my finger open playing Skee-Ball. I felt like a badass. It will probably scar. I took a picture and a woman pulled a band-aide and a sanitary wipe out of her worst-case-scenerio purse but I did not use them but I said thanks. How many people can brag about Skee-Ball scars? 

The Pop-A-Shot stole my dollar.

"Some people cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality, especially when their reality is fiction."

There is a rooftop bar with amazing views of the city and it is not crowded or completely assed-out with deebags. I will not tell anyone where it is.

Milkshakes taste better at three in the morning.

"I'm on my period but don't worry, you can still get blowjobs. I'm not completely useless."

Watching her come is better than coming, and better than 3 a.m. milkshakes, and then this happened: we were fucking anyway and she joked, "Why don't you puke on me?" and I stuck a couple fingers down my throat and gagged a little as I kept stroking like ha-ha and she laughed but it became like a dare and I puked all over her and it was chunky and milk-shakey and I could smell menstruation and a big piece of spinach landed right between her tits and I took a couple pictures and kept fucking her. Love story.