she goes where have you been i missed you.

he's all umm talking to some ppl online.

she is like for six months?

he is like yeah.

she goes what did you talk about?

he goes idk writing i guess.

she goes well i'm gonna be in town this weekend.

he doesn't answer.

she goes i take it that means you don't care.

he goes it's not that i don't care it's just that - well - every time you come to town i meet you at your hotel and stay with you for a day or two and it's great but then you leave and i get like crazy depressed for a week or whatever.

she goes oh god.

he stays quiet.

she goes stop acting like a fucking bitch and meet me at the radisson downtown at 230 on friday ok.

he goes ok.

she goes i'm bringing lots of toys for you. try to pull yourself away from your little online friends.

he doesn't answer.

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