And this is why I love the Nines:

I was going to write a poem de love. It was going to be titled "You Can Eat My Balls Bitch." But I thought hey that sounds kinda familiar so I used the little search thingy and low and behold we have MULTIPLE posts that include the phrase which includes the words eat and my and balls.

To me that's really what writing is. Sharing your innermost. It's like yeah. Maybe at work I'll act like it's funny if you treat me like a stupid boy but secretly I am thinking eat my balls, bitch. Also I am thinking about you sucking my balls. Typing about balls is gross. I just pictured a goat. Also overweight guys in tighty whities.

Also. A guy I used to work with got caught on that Predator show. He thought the girl was thirteen. He is a fucking idiot.

I wonder where he works now. Prolly coaching soccer somewhere. Like that episode of the Sopranos right. Oh. I know.

Some other things. Sometimes women send me sexy pictures. I never know what to send back. I mean. Not that I do. But it's like idk women can change outfits and remove things and whatnot and what can a guy do? Here baby. Here is a picture of my wang. Tomorrow will be the same thing. Exponential wangs. You know what I'm talking about tho right (know-what-I-mean-face)?

Another thing. I don't know why I'm typing this. I'm the only person on Blogger in America right now. Someone should shoot me. And by shoot I mean make sweet love, baby. Also can you wear a tennis dress and plz do not be completely shaved down there it makes it all sweaty. Also no moles with hairs anywhere they should not be. And don't worry I will wear the burglar mask or the Hamburglar mask or whatever you want honeychild.


I also want to leave you with an inspirational message. There is always hope.

Kick ass right? No fuckin doubt>

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