I know a female she tells jokes you can watch with a remote control or a ticket or I suppose you could listen online or maybe Youtube idk lots of places I am sure. Amazon. Whatever. But like one of the things she talks about is how when she hangs around with other comics she has to be careful not to say anything funny - and when I tell you this girl is funny HOO DOGGIE she is funny - becuz the other comics will steal the shit from her conversation and use it in their acts.

Couple things:

1. Lovin the arrogance
2. IMHO I now have license to only talk about the vaginas I want to stick my fingers in and how fucking badass my tiger style is.

Also. Since you just said something mean I will dignify your haterism with an answer. I know I already do that 99% of the time. But I feel shitty about it sometimes. Like in the moments of self doubt. Like when I can no longer get a coffee becuz my debit card is turned off by the bank. That's just an example. There are other things.

It all comes down to I want you to love me but hate you when you do.

Also I shoulda been a psychotherapist. I think I'd take advantage of my women patients tho. Only the hot ones naturally. I mean. Come on. Implied and hopefully inferred. And by implied I mean stated.

To get back on track I was writing like that becuz I was anticipating what my friend would eventually say. That's how you write a grad level English paper btw. Just say that whothefuckever way back in the day was anticipating gay marriage or global warming or lesbian scarification and your ass is in there. But only at a state UNI tho. Phd positions are not offered at private schools to first generation college grads youwhitetrashmotherfucker.

Right. So there we have it. You will steal my shit and lacerate my heart if I trust you. It's like leaving a drink in the cup holder of your car when you go into a store. You're just begging some outcast lunatic to poison your shit. Tu Credi

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