Hi bitches hi friend s hi girls i previously did sex with hi
gurls i wanted to or want to have fucking with in
side the pussy while you go ooohhhhwheeeeeepapi and
give me a sip of your coco lopez no
a sip of your rum no
the chains from colonialism no wait

that last line went a bit too far
what will allthe recial tensions and shit right now ok

here goes: baby

i like your whitish yellow hair and your nasty mouth and your
attitude and umm
i also like the way you suburb and also:

1.lease cars
2 .swim at the pool
3 .are so into yourself

cocky bitches are cool, bitch.
specially those from a certain social class.
i mean.
not like a child of immigrants no one wants.

more like good old fashioned USA coochie.

blue eyes and good credit yeahheardme