So yeah. I noticed the typo on my resume as I handed it to the lady. I mean. It's only copywriting right? Stuff like that hardly matters IMO.

Classic Ty. And very typical.

In other news, I am going upstairs to remove my monkey suit. After that, I am going to cry. You can hold me if you like or else if you want to be a total bitch about it, you can go fuckyourmother bless.

Also, my oldest bairn is puking in the bathroom ten feet away from me. Puking up the snot he refuses to blow out of his nose with tissues. Hot right? Oh I know.

Moreover, I ran seven miles today. Every mile hurted.

Next, If anyone has any drugs or Irish whiskey plz feel free to stop by and get me high out of my mind.

Not really. But you can come over and give me head if you are cute.

Not really. My bitch will kick me out and then I'll be sleeping on someone's couch for like the ninety hundreth time in my life. I used to not be able to keep it in my pants. Now I look forward to Internet private time. Ahh, modernity.

Altho, I did get laid on the floor of my room this weekend. It was nice. I shoved all up in that shit when she told me to go slow. You go slow, bitch. I am here to ride.

Finally, I basically adore and hate myself. At least I have something to do tho right LOLS HAHAHAHAH>