There are 10,000 comeshots on this porn and the porn is only comeshots, three hours worth, and I have a few hundred favorites that I prefer and I have gone through rolls of paper towels and boxes of tissue and whenever I can I just come all over my shirt or chest or face if I pinch under the rim of my cock just right, but no matter how many times I masturbate, I still have some left for whomever I fuck that night, and it is always fucking and nothing else because that is all I know how or want to do and that is why I am so unhappy. Ha. No. I am not unhappy. I know I am supposed to be but that just is not the case. I think everyone who tries to make me feel bad about it are the ones who are unhappy because they are crippled by the need for intimacy. Intimacy is a shackle, a castle wall, a straightjacket, and who does not want to be free of all that shit.