come on aliana

you don't have a heart becuz if you did you would fuck me in front of my friends like i want here take a sniff of this stuff boing now you're goin where did you say you went to school again ooh a private school girl nice what was your major ooh international studies i studied math just kidding what made you get into this line of work here wanna do another line oh my god that shit burns my nose you have a really hot body by the way can i lick your stomach i'm kind of into stomachs oh no you don't look fat come on man it's really hot in this tiny bathroom let me get a swallow of your heineken my mouth is so dry listen you got paid 500 bucks for an hour party and so far all you've done is strip


i can give you another 175 but you can't tell the other girl oh fuck it let's just do the rest of this baggie i have more in the car snorrrttttttttttttt

i can feel my pulse in my lips speaking of lips yours are trembling no don't grab my dick in here i want them to see it all ok

i want them to watch i promise no one else will try to fuck you here

wanna lick the inside of the baggie?

2 for the 369 Crew:

~otto~ said...

so good

my word verification was "abarying"

ty bluesmith said...

this sounds real