hi i just want the easter candy to go away hi i had a box of reese's pieces for breakfast hi like a movie-sized box hi it is really quiet here hi my neighbor's lawn looks like a tv show hi do you know how to cut railroad ties with a saw hi do you have a saw hi i can't stop picking at my cuticles hi peggy kayne really freaks me out hi the tribe bombed the bombers yesterday hi i can't get into baseball yet

hi i am almost at the end of season one of the tudors hi i am starting to think i'm wasting my time hi netflix raised the rates for blu-ray hi they don't send my movies back right away hi that shit is kind of shady hi the cavs killed the pistons yesterday hi the red wings are killing the blue jackets overall hi i can't really get into hockey

hi when the rangers won the cup in i think 94 i saw a shirtlesshairless dude in silver boy shorts and roller blades holding on to the rear driver's side wheel well of a taxi with his right hand and holding up an aluminum foil stanley cup over his head with his left hi when the cab driver saw this he slammed on the brakes hi the gay dude fell and got hurt hi some ppl were laughing and cheering hi it was like midnite i think on 1st ave hi i was walking to work at a hotel on 30th and lex hi it didn't even cross my mind to see if the injured guy needed help hi that's how you get there hi regardless sometimes i really miss manhattan and wonder what i'm doing here hi but then one nite recently i left like 400 bucks in my wallet in my unlocked car on top of the center console and no one stole it and i was like oh yeah there are many parts of the city of dreams i do not miss hi very many in fact

hi have a bless sunday hi the mighty 369 rules your ass hi all your base are belong to us has its own wikipedia page now hi whatever happened to the internet hi never forget the warriors

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this was delicious