My Dear Sweet Verizon

Hi. It's me. Your boy. Guess what?

I've finally got the money to pay you.

But like. I can't believe I'm about to say this I mean I've always been such a little show off with everything but the past few months without a phone have taught me that I really don't need one. And plus all that head cancer stuff is kind of scary.

And like if I don't pay you I can spend the money on fish and other fun shit that rhymes with rugs.

I mean.

My credit is already fucked from like way back in the day. And I owe like 70 grand in student loans.

And y'all did call a lot when I wasn't in the mood to take calls.


I'm thinkin I ain't payin.

Maybe I'll go over to ATT.

Or you know what?

Maybe I just don't give a fuck.

Have a bless day.

2 for the 369 Crew:

~otto~ said...


fuck them

xTx said...

70 grand in student loans?

i am so glad i never went to college.