ok so there is a dude and a chick right. they are sitting at a table in front of a coffee shop.

it is fucking hot outside ok.


she is pretty and he is an asshole.

somewhere someone's dog is barking.

enough description? are you GOOD?

or should i go on and on about the cars and the parking lot and how she sighs becuz she knows he is daydreaming

or at least she thinks he is daydreaming but he is actually trying to come up with a good first sentence and comparing everything to PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO MERGE

and getting more and more angry with himself becuz he cannot top that shit yada yada?


i mean.

does that satisfy your backstory needs? can we move on?

like do you feel caressed enough in the pussy area for this story to progress?

i hope so. i totally fucking do. i quit smoking and coffee and [INTERNET EDIT] and i am angry as a motherfucker OK????

anyway. this is getting really long.

i blame you.

and you blame your ex.

or your parents.

or the neighbor who touched you way early in the game.

too early.


the girl she goes dude do you know that i take home about half of my 225k salary after taxes? like 112 something. that shit is fucked up man.

she looks at the dude. all he sees are her black sunglasses. every girl has big black sunglasses.

that is what he silently tells himself.

she says do you have anything to add to the conversation?

he goes yeah baby. i have $10.15 in my checking acct and i think i am going to overdraft when chase takes the leisure rewards fees out of that motherfucker.

a sarcastic smile appears on her face.

why don't you call chase and cancel that shit?

he says he will.

they both know it is a lie.


i am all deep and shit and you can suck my nuts

2 for the 369 Crew:

xTx said...

i fucking love you ty and id suck yer nuts even if you were as shallow as a mudpuddle.

fuck melinda i'm jealous

ty bluesmith said...

i love you too thanks.