he thinks:
maybe i should sit down and type. he asks himself how he will feel if no words escape from his fingers. he
does not think it will bother him this time and
the realization is totally strange man i mean totally new man in
deed he [listen] he
is completely surrounded by good words these days. penman. wolf hall.
the heaney treatment of that fam
ous geat
i mean he swims in the words and becomes a part of that fam
ous contest held with breca
like so
many warm summers ago man he
has a certain girl's e book on his horizon he
watched run fat boy run [Blu-ray] he
has other little red rectangles from the mailbox waiting their turn
in the ps3 he
has been talking to immigrants
has been playing nurse to his sickened horde he
worries about his friend's mental state
sits here, [he does]
staring at the little apple next to the word Firefox and
he feels very far away from all of you yes
very far away
and he
feels safe [finally] after
so many years have escaped under etheric bridges he feels anchored
and warm
and in ten or so hours he will be running in the dark -

the greatest moments of his day

listening to his exhales and
urging the sun to once again

and powerfully bring forth the blessings of its rays.