Ok it goes like this:
You andyour friend coming in with three Robeks no
coming in with three Smoothie King's no
coming in with a fat sack no

coming in and
lifting your tank tops in unison no
lifting your wife beaters over your head and walking slowly toward me
I got my hand on my shit babies no
I mean I am holding the remote and
looking for prison gang documentaries
I am
looking at my watch and being all
jesus fucking christ how long does it take to get a Robeks
I keep forgetting -
Robeks closed

and you drop to your knees
and you go let us suck on that hog King Tyrell
you go hey man do you have your share of the electric bill
and I go no
I spent the last of my money on that smoothie and obtw
did you get the right boost?

After that you go look
Brooke has curly red hair
and Brooke goes
Kourtney with a K SHUT UP

and then you both laugh and kiss

nothing like that happens at all does it.
nope. nothing even close.

Except for the part about the smoothies and the electric bill.


I like it when you fuck in front of me bless.