lets say there is a house ok and in this house all the
ppl are hot ok and this is on acct of the a/c repair co.
is fucking the ppl who live in the house ok and also
the ppl dont have alot of fans in the house becuz they
have central air and have been waiting every day for
the co. to come and fix that shit.

also lets say that one person in the house is doing the master cleanse
and has been on it since last thursday. sometimes it feels like he is in
a dream whilst awake. specially during the running.

next lets pretend that there is a girl kind of a hot girl like in the playboy
mode ok. perhaps someone (like me for example) should fuck her in the swimming
pool i do not have.

also in my imaginary pool there will be a swimming butler whom brings me drinks the entire time.
only the drinks have to be non-alcoholic or i will somehow acquire a phone
and call the dope man.

finally we can all create a new society and live without clothes, sweet babies. for sure there will be lots of 3-D tv (so no broke asses allowed). the food will be animal free. you will have to find your sick murder slash rotting flesh pleasures elsewhere.