Ms. Honeypot

If you fall to the ground because you can't breathe,
I will be there
(on my knees over you)
blowing into your lungs

while all the old ladies at Target (or wherever)
watch and stare and say, "My my," and think thoughts about me being some kind of hero saving you (the luckiest vixen in the world).

Pretty girl.

If you choose me ok:
I won't hide drugs in the house and
umm also I will never come home drunk
or jerk off online while you sleep two rooms away.


I might actually do that. I mean. Whatever is whatever right but listen


For you I will climb to super high peaks and battle ferocious tigers and bears and eagles and phoenixes. True story. Check my blueblue eyes, Babyhoney. It's all right there. I'll fight sea monsters like Beowulf and Breca.

And cut their heads off and emerge from the surf holding that shit up like whatwhat.

All kinds of other stuff, too.

For example:
I'll dance.
I'll compose songs and melodies.
I'll  hold you at night when it thunders
And read Cummings to your gravestone if you die before me.