1840-goldfish crackers for dinner. I HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE!

Why is it every dude on the internet is making it a point to tell me about how they are fucking girls? Seriously. Instant message and emails. Yeah, I get it. Fucking is great. I am a huge supporter of intercourse. Read the 8 years of my blog archives. If fucking had a facebook page, I’d be a fan of it. If fucking made tshirts, I’d have one in a large or a medium depending on the manufacturer. But, today, right now, I am sick of it. Tomorrow, I may not be. Tomorrow I may want to hear all about how every dude I know is having fuck, but today, right now, I am a little tired of it all.

If you are guessing that my change of heart is because of how much fucking I am not doing with different people or any people is making an impact on my new irritation, you are probably right.

Fuck everyone who wants to show off to me about their fucking of different vaginas. I’m pretty tired of it all. Shut the fuck up and fuck silently about it.

Hey rotto, black keys The Flame just came on. Did you listen to that yet? I would like to dance with that song if it had a body.

Hey rotto, it’s okay to be in love.

Hey rotto.

Also, my niece texted me a close up picture of her pubic hair. It’s okay, she’s 19 so it was totally legal.