2330 : drunk-dial voicemail from roxbury, connecticut :

Helloooo it's meeee yes your buddy drunken friend [ _____ ] yes I have been drinking it's only what twelve-fifty-three but anyway I'm sure you're with Emily Bron-taaay or Emily Dickenson — by the way, my family has four glasses of uh actually these little glasses that were bought from her estate at the house in Connecticut that I think I showed you to I mean I showed you that and the and uh the house and the glasses — anyway I shot you a pha ... a photo of this broad she's sending me these pictures okay what am I supposed to do over here I've got the Puerto Rican coming over here and I uuuhhhhh what the fuck am I supposed to do I mean I dunno what's going on here ya know but of course the Puerto Rican is single on Facebook so this whole fuckin' Facebook thing is fucking me up man because I dunno what's going on I'm either poking someone or I'm sending messages to people who are my friends but they don't say they are my friends because I push to unlock some shit to let them know what the fuck is going on and how we're gonna be friends I mean it's FRIENDS! HOW MANY OF US HAVE THEM?! Fuck this shit! Okay! I don't understand it and I think I'm fucking everything up but anyway it's not important I'm watching the World Cup and don't worry I'll slow down on the boozing. Later!