Ok so like Iwent to get the Parve bread and the orthodox girl (she hadn't seen me in awhile) she ran her blue eyes right thru me and her tight little body o
and she screamed IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME
no ok really she said it but she grabbed her crotch like Mr Jackson the baby toucher
no ok really she did not do that but I eye fucked her anyway and everyone in there looked not like me and I felt conspicuous and also
like everyone was watching me so I refrained from doing a lot of the talking. I didhowever make sure to cuss.

About negroes.

Just kidding. Racism is wrong. Only classism and making fun of fatsos is currently allowed.

I don't make the rules, sweet babies. All I do is play the game yaheardme.

Anyway. Back to the bakery. When I left, I noticed three separate crazy ppl all moving their hand the same way while they walked and talked to themselves. This may be an important scientific discovery. Who knows.

If I get rich from it, I will buy you an iPod, Fiona.

Also in other news: My town smells like garbage today. Hot nasty garbage. But here is the kicker: Only the rich side of town smells like garbage. Over here, it smells like the suburbs. So eat a big dick, bougie part of town. Even tho your grocery store has hotter women sometimes. But not when the OG check comes. Then those young ass bitches represent at mines. Them and their fifteen kids.