I was dreaming that you were a dumb bitch who talks too loudly and I was a guido with a Mustang. We both had tans. I had steroid muscles and backne and your nails were long and fake. You also shaved your pussy and I shaved my tight balls.

One night we got into a giant fight and the producer's had to pay off the Israeli nightclub owners to avoid prosecution. I hit a midget and an MMA fighter with a bottle. Actually, the bottle broke on the MMA guy.

Absolut, btw.

Gross, right.

The midget started everything. He showed you his boner, Rosemarie. And my what big dicks they have.  Another thing that happened was that I lost my gold Italy boot necklace in the tussle.

I think that a boom mic also got broken. Not sure.

Anyway. After that, we drank champagne in a hot tub while the cameras rolled. I flinched when you touched your foot to mine underwater (becuz of your corns) but no one noticed so it was ok.

Later when we fucked, I imagined watching you suck off a black man while a tranny tied me to a chair next to the bed. That was the only way I could come.

I hope you are ok. I miss you.