Flack in your head is sometimes penis in your pants and other times recycling
is better
way better.
Also one must always remember that when attempting to endeavor:
the parts must go together like in that one famous dance metaphor,
I mean. I always thought the point of the whole thing was that the mountain discussed on the syllabus was supposed to be some deep ass shit
but now I see men in colorful jerseys climbing up and rocketing down that motherfucker.
I dunno,Chelly.

I always thought that I  would do this but I also think that I thought I would be shinier and happier too when the day arrived. I mean. Sometimes it just feels like typing.

O. And fishing for women.


(the stage lights dim as the actor shrugs, sighs, and nods to the audience before exiting stage left.)



P.S. The man who owns Carvel has a dog. When the dog poops, it moves its ass around in little circles. Like soft serve. Get it?