Non-canned beans are in a crock pot with two beers and my home-churned come and some other items that I chopped up and there is no meat in it and I am okay with that and I am worried about being okay with that but I had a steak for lunch at Delmonico's (the place invented steaks as well as eggs Benedict)  and I think it will taste good in ten hours when it is slow-cooked done but now I do not know what I will eat for dinner

maybe a small child who has lost her way
with butter


I masturbated when I got home to some nude pictures of a beautiful young lady I am fucking — I mean a beautiful young lady I will marry — I mean both
and I came all over the floor and sent her a picture of my Pollock and she wrote back, "I wish I was there to lick it up"

I mean

Yes, marry