I just stopped at a place in Delaware where I once pissed next to
a shackled convict. He wasn't around and my piss was less thrilling.
No piss will ever be as good again. There is an Asian guy sitting near
me on the bus. He has that top-of-the-back-of-the-head tiny pony tail
thing and a black T-shirt that says Hug Life. I'm still wearing my
funeral outfit, the same thing I wore to snotty museum event in the
city. I look good as hell and have a scragly I-will-fuck-your-brains-
out-like-a-savage beard. I got back into my seat and as the rest of
the pitstop people filed past, I caught this woman giving me the one-
two and without thinking I gave her a look that made her scared and
she quickened away. Do not gaze upon this unless you are super-fucking
hot. Death is upon us all and there is no time to waste. I love all
you sweet babies. Except the ugly ones. Well, maybe them, too, but I
ain't fuckin'em.