mike peters was fucking with my mind so i switched to that song about the card game (O.A.R.)
and the audience sang along and the singer smiled and it made me feel better
it totally did


it's summer
and the fan in this room is so fucking loud
and my street is quiet
and the singer just yelled O NO!
and the ppl in the crowd are jumping up and down and laughing and screaming the words
i think i could sit here all nite and listen to these sweet sounds.

wanna know something else? i'm dreaming about you all those miles away and

i think it'd be swell if you came over and listened to music with me.

we can talk and semi-real smile and laugh at our friends behind their backs
and then
maybe later when the only sound we hear is the humming of the street lights
maybe we can do something special
just me and you and the moon and the stars, baby girl.

hold me and give me soft kisses and i'll tell you that we'll never end. true story
i'll say it over and over again
until the sun slips over the factories in the distance.
until both of us believe my lie.