What if words were little tiny clues and what if once you read or wrote a lot of words like millions or something ok
maybe not write but like type because your hand would fall off if you attempted to write millions of words and plus your handwriting would get so bad that in retrospect much of what you wrote would look like Uniball hieroglyphs and as a result playback would be totally fucked to the point of pointlessness nawmean?

So ok what if after typing oceans of words and reading oceans of words while Au Revoir Simone and other groups played endless songs about love and life and hope and failure at you out of your computer


check it

Actually you never know what the songs are about because you are always thinking about those millions of words.
And the entire time your fingers are in the right place and moving around and pushing down etc etc but sometimes you hear little phrases like for example a girl with a pretty sounding voice sings a happy song about a man getting thrown thru a window.

But that's whatever right. And way off the point of where this needs to go before I can stop typing.

What I am trying to ask is:

What if after all those goddamn words; what if you were able to discover something? And then like what if you took that discovery to like a pretty girl of means and shared the discovery with her and when you did her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around you and smothered you in kisses and tight hugs and repeated over and over again while crying that she knew all along you were the right choice and not some crazy homeless like handfuls of other ppl think you are.

That would be totally sweet, right? And think of all those ppl who think that being a slave to the asdf is fucking stupid. Boy will they feel like a dick when you're all IN YOUR FACE I'M A WRITER and shit like that right.

I mean.

WOW. That is going to be a great fucking day.