there was a man he had bloody eyes he was watching prison shows he was flying kites he was dreaming dreams
he kissed her sweet hands

the little neighbor girl said awwwww you're in love.

and then the other neighbor, the security guard with the giant dead tree in his front yard aka halloween, 
that motherfucker's piece of shit car alarm goes off every time a bird farts i mean who still has a fucking car alarm anyway right i mean i hate him i really do. him and his rent-a-cop uniform.
anyway. his son is a whigger.

whaddup dog.

also. two hot milf women stood talking on my lawn a little bit ago. they had their dogs. the one woman was spanish i think. she may have been a lezzie doing her lezzie thing. not sure. 
the other chick had red hair and tina fey glasses and lipstick and let me tell you
she was fucking stacked. i told my friend flash about it on the fb chat and he told me to jack off without them seeing. 

sign of the times if you ask me. 

lipstick's dog name: BUCKEYE.

hey. why don't you take a second to think about a dog's lipstick. a little red wiener dick. 
now think about the dog licking it.
gross right?

i also want to tell you that i have some free time over the next couple of days. if you want to hang out or do the dirty dog lemme know. 

especially that one girl who hates me on the chat box. me and you baby. we should totally grudge fuck. holla.