Hi Babies,

It's me: Your Boy.

I want tell you something. Ok. Here goes: I don't want to be the guy who holds you and tells you everything is going to be all right and that the mean girl at the office is a bitch and it's not your fault that your neighbor hates you becuz you called the cops on her barking dog.

I want to be the guy who steals your money out of your purse.

But the thing is that I need you to be the girl who always forgives all my bullshit. Otherwise, our love is doomed.

Nawmean? I mean. Don't get it bent. There is never any malice involved. It's just that scratched records often stay in a single groove right.  And plus also like I mean you know you can't put it on the player anyway. You gotta place that shit where it belongs: On the game.


In other news, I enjoy using colons. I don't know if I am using them correctly. I also do not care. I like colons. At least for right now. Pretty soon, I will like something else. And I will most likely tell you about it. Wanna know why?

Becuz I share. That's right.

I'm a share-er. Out there doing good simply for the sake of doing good.

Keep your chin up, sweet darlings. And always remember that

I love you.

And I always will.