One night in Amsterdam I was walking around out of my mind
over and over and at some point a British drag queen
like a really ugly one, too
decided that he had a problem with my reciting his personal famous speech or whatever and btw
this drag queen was like a foot taller than me in his heels and darn muscular and
(this is the funny part)
he hit me with his handbag so hard I saw stars
and we started fighting
and dude was pretty tough and really giving it to me at first
but then I finally started to get the best of him
and was going to throw him into the canal
but the Dutch cops showed up and punched me in the kidneys from behind and jumped on my head and back and I vomited when I hit the ground. On myself.

But it all ended well becuz two American girls in Leiden sweatshirts told the police that the drag queen attacked me. The cops let me go.

My face was all fucked up the next day but as I walked away with my friends, I saw that the cops had to lift the pretend woman to his feet a couple of times before he could stand.

I hope they didn't arrest him but I really don't care.

This was New Year's Eve btw.

I took a train to Germany January second. I drank Belgian beer the entire way.