I'm glad that Rotto does not have a house with a yard becuz if he did, he'd be coming out on the porch every fifteen seconds in his wifebeater and pj pants and slippers and telling the neighbor kids to stay off his PROPERTIE. And they would all think that he is mean and grumpy. And his eyes would scare them and they would throw eggs at his house on trick or treat nite.

The following story may kill Rotto:

My littlest daughter. She enters the room in a little summer dress with sunflowers all over it. And she doesn't have any pony tails or clips in her hair or anything so she is kinda looking up at me from under all that sandy blondeness and she hugs me and kisses me and says "I love you, Daddy."

And my heart melts becuz to me, there is nothing more real or better in the world. Just sayin. Love Story.