If I told you a bunch of lies but was rich would you still fuck me anyway?

What if I lie but I'm broke?
Or if I always tell the truth but I'm still broke?
What about broke and fat?
What about broke and fat with halitosis?

What about me sticking my go fuck your mother bless in your love story until you said word life? Would that be str8up CFI or what hahah LOL!!!!! emoticon emoticon.

Oh. Wanna know what else? I miss spinning gifs.

Also. Do you remember when those free AOL cd's lined the streets of America? Where the fuck in goddamn hell did they all go? Like in a landfill or something or maybe Bush or Obama took them. Or maybe it was (dare I say it?) Bin Laden himself?

Holy fuck. Call the ppl who handle that type of thang nawmean yahherdmeh.