I want you to stick pins in me 
ok I don't
I want to do drugs with you for like five str8 days and then have sweaty sex
ok I don't oh I know 
I want you to drive fast while I shoot out the window at the cops ok

But I do want to come irregardless baby girl and (listen) I want you to come too 
or at least I want you to arch your back and squeeze me with every muscle and pretend you come
and then after that reach down on the floor by your bed and toss me something to wipe with

the most intimate of moments but ah
i am wondering if maybe we can do all that without kissing or me being able to smell your breath or your body or 
your germ infested hair follicles no offense i think about things way too much things like disease and other dicks and pussies and skin fungi and long toenails and 


I know. Ok here goes: We can set out computers next to each other and masturbate to videos online 
Here is the deal: Both of us can promise to avoid embarrassment and inhibitions and watch whatever we want without fear of offending or anything like that. 

THAT WAY, AFTER we aredone we can still hang out without me being sick of you in onetwothreefour seconds and you thinking about what a mistake it was fucking me. 

Oh. Also we can talk bad about all the mutual ppls we have in common. Hot right?

Oh I know. Lawd do I know>