I think that was a fine story. A fine, fine story. I don’t have any fine stories. I have nows. I have what I want to tell yous. What I want to tell you nows is that when a cock is presented to me through a hole in repetitively used pair of flannel pajama pants, and I take that cock into my mouth with or without force, I have a secret I will tell you now about what I like when that happens and the secret is, shhhh, don’t tell anyone, just you and me and the tee vee, kay? The secret is, that on the deep strokes…which they all are whomye kidding…I kinda like it when I can smell pee smell on the weenie window of the pajamas. Remove kinda. Okay, I like that shit. I’m not talking cat hoarder piss smell or homeless dude sitting next to you on the overcrowded bus with the lousy aircon in the middle of summer, no, I’m talking just enough to remind me that I am a dirty, slut whore who’d better suck that dick good or I’m gonna choke you with it girl. All due respect.