It's funny I mean like I always think about a place with soft green grass and a breeze and old oak and willow trees. The sky is always blue and the temperature is always perfect. And I suppose I have my dog with me. And we're like one as we walk across a field.

Maybe there is a big farmhouse off in the distance a bit. And maybe there is an old farm truck parked by the barn. And maybe there are giant sunflowers growing toward the sun. And maybe a hawk is battling several crows above my head. And maybe someone is cooling a dutch apple pie in the kitchen window and maybe the smell fills the air.

I mean.


I don't really fill in the details.

I mean I never need to becuz I know it's safe there and that's enough for me.

The food is all real and cooked in the kitchen with pots and pans. The vegetables are from the garden. Fruit: From the trees.

You don't need to lock your doors in that place. The ppl are happy and children are safe and loved.

Everyone hearts their sweetheart and nobody ever leaves anyone.

No money. No stress.

No mental illness.

No spending a lifetime imaging worlds that are safer and better. No daydreaming. No paralysis. No ppl coming to put you in the street and or a jail slash mental institution becuz you are different from the rest and can't seem to get it together.

None of that. Just creativity, self-worth,
and the room to catch your goddamn breath.