u know what's fuckin scary?
the person in the comments section of the song that vato posted on the chatbox saying how that shit is still the shit etc etc. i mean. i'm paraphrasing but still.

give me a fuckin break. hi. i feel like rotto right now. u kids get offa my lawn.

did i tell u i cried like ninety hundred times last week? yeah. i'm a fuckin baby yo. and i think i have partial mental illness. ok more than partial. the problem is that every time i self medicate something horrible happens.

and when i don't
everything is horrible most of the time>

i love u and i always will. i mean it.
you're like the greatest dream come true.

(i hold your hand thru the internet sweet baby)

talk to you soon have a good nite you fat sacks and super fly chicks (suga suga)

best regards,
ty aka the intermediary aka the honest injun aka the four winds aka the slongbong aka the jetski aka the waterbed aka the mother fucker you know would never deign to be a predatory lender becuz sweet babies (and this is important) he knows that shit ain't right and
your boy (comma) as you know (comma)
cain't never do no wrong.