They test the emergency sirens every day at noon.
Today, thunder and lighting and darkness are singing backup to the unnerving warning screams.
I wonder if zee Germans are bombing.
Or the A-rabs.

A-rabs are the new niggers here. Did you know that?

Ahhh. Good old American immigration and our racist treatments of our newest arrivals.

No. I know. Bin Laden blew up downtown Manhattan from a cave.

A very high tech cave.

The rain is just starting. The sirens have stopped.

I want to tell you a story. I always tell you all of my stories. I think it's easier than talking to ppl face-to-face sometimes. Becuz like if you are feeling bad and open up to someone they are basically going to:

a. patronize you
b. tell you what to do
c. begin telling you about how bad their own life is

And none of that really ever works for me nawmean?

Bullet point C is the most common response btw. By like a million percent. And I'm not saying that a part of friendship isn't listening but like goddammit man not when my heart feels like it is being extracted thru my lungs by invisible bad guys.
Anyway. That was a bit much. The point of all of this is that maybe I like to write to you becuz you can't fill my face and the air all around it up with your words immediately after I speak my piece.

But believe me, sweet dumplings, you are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Ok here goes the story:
There was a guy. He called his friend from his parents' house. He said man can I come over they are driving me crazy.

His friend, she said sure. Are they talking to you about money again?

The guy said no. I am working every waking moment lately. Giving every good bit of me to the man. The rest goes to tv. I can't sleep and I'm having thoughts of suicide but no one insults me for being broke or tries to make me feel worthless for not having the same shitty life they do.

She sighed. Dreams die hard.

Yeah he said. But at least they do something right?

Neither friend laughed. After that she said yeah. Come on over. I have fresh fruit and Hawaiian coffee.

He said cool. Thanks.

The cell phone air kinda hissed for a few seconds.

After that. They hung up.