i am not gonna do what you say.
i am not gonna do what anyone say.
i am gonna rip my asshole a new asshole.
i am gonna drink meaty goodness with my throat hole.
i am gonna say hay bayb how you dune emphasis on you.
i am gonna take two shits and call you in the morning.
i am not hatin on you.
i am not in a place where i can be reached.
i am see you later alligator.
i am presumably unavailable in quotation marks.
i am never too far from the truth.
i am surreptitiously wondering what that means.
i am finished with shit and waiting to die.
i am all up in your grill meaning ballsack ass area.
i am a hairspray mountain forgetting what time it is.
i am sorry about your first husband.
i am always learning things i never knew.
i am terrible at math, hard things and making lots of money.
i am sorry for that thing you dont know about yet.
i am a repeat offender.
i am too late to be a whore.