Hi babies. I was wondering if you would like to go on a picnic later maybe.
I'm thinking to a glory hole.
Also. The latina whore I live with named Melinda said she went to Rotto Totto's LinkedIn page and noticed that he left one particular job off his little resume thingy and she wants to know what's up with that shit. Me, being the ever-faithful supporter of the dictator-run 369CFI, said look here, bitch, a man can put whateverthefuck he chooses on his LinkedIn page. Then I slapped her. Just kidding. No. Not kidding. I slapped her with my salami. Right in her face. And she was like oooh whee baybeee make that giant muscle hard and stick it in my pussy hole.

Everyone laughed. Even Auntie Grandma, and you know what a Protestant cunt she can be!!!!!LOLSXOXOX!!!!

Also. The president called me today and offered to send me to Harvard on acct. of I am poor and from the inner-city. I am going to use the most of the opportunity and return to my impoverished community and give medicines to AIDS ppl. Moreover, I am going to trade prescriptions to local prostitutes so they will let me pee on them.

Still reading? Fanfuckingtastic. I'm also going to climb Pike's Peak and jet ski off to Admiral Bird's pole.

Ouch. The latina whore, Melinda, just read what I was typing and socked me on the arm. She said: Joo getta suhmack, Juanito.

No. She did not say Juanito becuz no one named Ty is called Juanito.

Even pretty motherfuckers like me.

Anyway. The weather is great and all the rest of it.
I love you, sweet Niners. Always have.

Always will.