There is a guy ok and he lives somewhere boring. This is in the US just so you know.

Ok. Also the dude is good looking and hates himself a lot of the time but he is also like supermega confident about other things -


Anyway. Homie has lots of friends or not a lot of friends. I mean. Whatever you need to read to identify with our dude, honestly, just pretend that's what you just saw. It'll save me the time typing and you'll get to act like this is about you as you read my flash. Total synergized win-win if you ask me.

Ok. Back to the story. So one day dude is sitting in a conference room and he hears someone say "circle the wagons" for like the drillionth time and listen sweet reader that fella decided right then and there that enough was enough.


Know what he did?

That's right!

Dude got on FB soon as the meeting ended. I know right. Guess what he did next? YUP. RIGHT AGAIN. He went creeping around trying to look at pictures of his female friends in bikinis. And their friends, too. NATCH>

Eventually, he came to a picture that was not a bikini picture but hip dips (lord have mercy) were indeed featured.

O. And the look in her eyes. I mean just staring the camera down.


And believe me when I say that I am not trying to sound like a romance novel, but he could see the wild in her. Like way in the back of her gaze.

And he knows at that instant, that confident son-of-a-bitch, he totally fucking knows that if he could find a way to cross the miles and her personal little barriers and tests,

that it would be the greatest moment of his life when he busted off a strong nut inside of her undoubtedly beautiful pussy.

Unfortunately, dude ain't romantic. And every time he tries to send the all important FB MESSAGE to kick shit off, none of the words ever come out the right way.

So he does nothing. The globe turns. Seasons pass. Etc.

Our poor hero. Our poor


bsmith. bless ya souls and keep livin:)))