"Okay, some crazy shit has happened at this job but what just happened might be the all-time winner. The IT guy IMs me and asks if I have been to this Indian spot for lunch. I say no. I say let me know how it is. He says: Hey, did you ever see that video of the Italian porn star getting fucked by a horse who dies? Come by."

"Uhhh. Do you exchange IMs like this often? And have you? And did you go?"

"No! Never! That's why it was so random and weird! And of course I went over. He pulled up this video and the horse fucks her in the ass and she pulls its massive cock out of her ass and a flood of horse come pours out and I am like, 'This is really happening? At work?' And then I patted him on the back and said, 'I don't know how you can eat after that.'"

"But did she end up dying in the video?"

"Oh, no. It was like a ten second video. He said he read about her dying later because she fucked so many horses or some shit."

"Love story."