If you were drunk I would fuck you
All up in your beaver yeah
and I hope it would be trim baybee
and I hope you would breathe I love you into my ear
and get my name right
That's umm
Ty with a y
and a goodbye
and a sigh

If you were drunk I would fuck yeah sweetie that's verdad.

If you were high I'd ask for some
And then ruin my life yet again
Becuz hey I am good at that shit yeah
Even tho I never mean harm
I always do everything wrong
And don't worry if you're ragging
I'm totally into that too yadig
and also your old cotton panties
Dream girl. You are a dream. I kiss you in my fantasies
and fondle your perfect breasts hahahey.
I'm Bsmith, bitch.
And you know I'm in charge.