Okay so I made a dish I had curry and garam marsala and onions and garlic and extra firm organic tofu and evoo and cayenne peppers. It was delicious. Also. I am sick today. It all started Saturday. Yesterday, I decided to take half a box each of Sudafed and Advil. Unfortunately, I took so much that I was unable to sit or lay down or even stand in one place for more than twelve seconds lol fml j/k smiley face smiley face. As a result, I am doubly paying for it today. Regardless, I will once again ride those little red beasts thru the rest of the day.

Fortunately, I can get to bed around 11pm tonight, so everything should be fine. Plus the coughing while I sleep sucks balls nawmean.

My phone is ringing. When will Out of Area realize that I am never going to answer

Also, it is raining and cold and gray here. October rains make an ugly place uglier as the year begins it last wheezing gasp toward the birth of the new child.

One other thing I wanted to say: Fuck poetic language. And also fuck you.

Every follicle of my body aches. Moreover, the cuntlapping whore - you know the one - won't give me the orgasm becuz she does not, "Wanna get sick."
Unfuckingbelievable if you ask me>

Bsmith. End of the century A.D.