Wanna buy a song written and performed by a teenager. Wanna create and perform dance moves that will make people lose their fucking MINDS! Wanna pretend I have money in the bank. Wanna go run. Wanna go outside and check if the flypaper’s got any flies yet. Wanna pretend my arm is made of pizza. Wanna hot DP action by two medium dicked dudes with filthy language. Wanna sit at home and watch scary movies tonight. Wanna not like ICP. Wanna fall into a pool filled with love. Wanna know what you are thinking right now. Wanna know what I’m thinking. Wanna take off elbow length gloves super slow to marilyn Monroe music. Wanna sweat off all of my makeup. Wanna take everything for granted. Wanna rhyme everything with ‘bling’. Wanna eat toast. Wanna tell my mom she sometimes drinks too much. Wanna pick up things that fell. Wanna bananna. Wanna mannanna. Wanna nword sword cword effword. Wanna know. Wanna feel. Wanna breathe. Wanna tell.