she said i still have all those old chats
you were quite romantic back then
and my you were so funny
what happened

he said i fell in love with your mother no
i mean your sister no
i mean the homeless who always rhymes and says help is on the way

she goes that dude is not real
he goes yes he is google that shit
(when he says this he smiles becuz he remembers rotto telling xTx to "GOOGLE IT CUNT!")
only not in all caps (for the sake of accuracy)

NO she says
the dude from back then is not real.

it was cold outside and raining
summer could only be thought about in terms of the next one

after awhile they each cleared their throats
she goes are you working retail again this xmas season?

he goes yeah. thanks for bringing that up.

she sighs. he can smell the conditioner in her hair.

after that the waiter shows up. they order bruschetta. he gulps his red wine. she looks down at the ice cubes in her water.

this is how it goes in the land of the free. if he starts with the ass kissing, she will start with the stories about herself and the ppl in her life. then, if he laughs at all the right times, he might get to bust one off in her somewhat dry pussy.

after that they will tell each other i love you things.

after that they will die. i mean go to sleep. wednesday, after all, is a work day.