I had a dream I was typing something
I was dreaming I typed something
and it was really popular and everyone liked it and I cashed the checks - they were big checks btw like the kind you get when you win a sweepstakes or something like that ok - yeah - anyway - I cashed the checks and rode around with Turtle and Vince in my convertible
and the ocean was there no it was Leiden
and I'd just come from Amsterdam with a girl who didn't argue or anything and was basically like my personal whore ok but beautiful
like a failed model who only failed becuz she decided to keep her youth and beauty and not fuck nasty old powerful men but instead saved it for me becuz I was a famous writer and I knew a lot about other writers and they were all my friends and everyone laughed at my jokes and I had a white leopard no
a white tiger
he was bulletproof by the way
and I wrote for everyone and everything and at the end of the day I still felt like a piece of shit inside but I covered it with arrogance and alcohol
but I was writing and that was all that mattered.
After that, I dreamed I got a job at a print shop. In this dream, I made copies all the time. Foreigners and poor ppl were rude to me. And the checks were really shitty. Love story.