Big D is wearing magnets on his face ON HIS FACE because of his weird illness problem.

I'm all, "Are those magnets on your face?"

And he's all, "Yes."

And I'm all, "Are they helping?"

And he's all,"I don't fucking know anymore. I'm just fucking sick of being fucking sick."

And Big D's blackbrown eyes looked sad and I knew he was and then he showed me how he broke part of his tooth off this weekend and I said, "Big D, everything is very fucked up for you right now, isn't it?" And he said, "Yes, it is."

And then we talked about movies and he was going on and on about Russel Crowe and how he's seen Gladiator a hundred times and I said, "Gun to your head, you have to pick a dude to have gay sex with, would it be Russel Crowe?" and Big D laughed, told me i was 'a freak' and asked me why did i have to bring everything back to something to do with sex. and i said, "Answer the question." and he wouldn't and he left and so i know my answer.

magnets! ON HIS FACE!