Like a harvest moon. Like your soul is a rubber band and I am here to catch you. Yeah. Catch you. While Active Child plays on last.fm. While someone runs bath water in another room.

While wind howls thru empty branches.

There's a queen on the scene and she's calling your name..

Maybe there is stock simmering on the stove. Maybe no one ever visits. Maybe ppl visit but none of them are as pretty as the ppl on tv and it makes you want to kill yourself. Maybe not JUST becuz of that tho. Maybe lots of other things contribute to your suicidal leanings. Maybe becuz you are old becuz you long ago stopped dreaming. Or like becuz you've always been alone. Or like becuz you are fat becuz you cannot stop eating. Or like becuz you are broke becuz you just can't make yourself try. Even tho the world has nearly completely passed you by.

Maybe the group switches to Tennis.

Maybe the house crashes down on top of your head. Who knows for sure. Seriously. It's like, I can see all these things in my mind but I don't have the energy to describe them. I hope you can imagine. That would make it all good. Plus, Imagining is important.

Just know that I am surrounded by woods.

And so very into you, sweet babies.

Bsmith. End of 2010. I'm a lover and a fighter>