If I type, will you read it? Will you put my words in your mouth? Will you swallow me? Will you keep me tucked away right next to your soul and heart? Just for a day or two. I can use you like an airbag. You can take the blows and I can stay safe and warm inside your insides. Would you do that for me? Would you feel my pain or pretend to feel my pain would you tell me everything is going to be just fine? I mean. Everything is just fine. I mean. It could be worse. But like couldn't it be better? I mean. Am I not supposed to ask that? Am I whining if I do? I mean. Are you happy? Like happy happy? I don't mean like have you figured out how to get thru it without everything thinking you are a crybaby. Everyone can do that!!! But like. Can you hold the me that sits here in the dark, fingers on the asdf, mind on the man who smirked in my face and said some shitty shit to me earlier? Will you beat him up for me? Will you call his mom and tell her he's bad? A bad bad boy.

Hi. I want to tell you a story. It goes like this: I fucking hate everything. I maybe fucking hate myself. I know a lot of cute girls. They make me feel okay for the most part. Outside of that. I fucking hate everything. Bsmith. Eat a dick. Or else just hold me, sweet thing. I want to come in you so badly. And then sleep a sleep where no dreams are remembered.