Hey bitch, he said.
WHat bigdickdaddy? she replied.

How about opening me a can of mandarin oranges?
For what?
For my fucking foot fungus what the fuck do you think? I want to eat them.

But all by themselves?
Well what do you suggest?
Heroin, baby. Heroin.

He sighed and did all those other things we recognize as space filling devices intended to move the auditor (in this case, you) along to the end where everything gets wrapped up like a pretty package.

Anyway. Let's get to the end of this:

That's the problem with you, he said. You are so old-fashioned.

On the other side of the wall, someone yelled something in a language they neither recognized nor understood.


Also. When I am talking dirty in your ear while rubbing your pussy thru your panties, that is my signal that I am interested in sex. Just sayin, hoebag.