The windows of a building across the park cast sunlight onto my wall over my bed in the early morning during the winter and the light from stars is some kind of crazy time travel and whenever I want to go insane I think about outer space. Infinity makes my brain melt. How does infinity even make sense? What is at the edge of outer space? Something has to be beyond the beyond and beyond that, too. If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? There has to be something. If the universe is contracting, what is it contracting from? Makes me believe in god a little but as soon as I think I believe that I ask myself what god exists inside of and I am right back where I started so I try not to think about that and just appreciate how beautiful the light is on my wall and I thrown on some warm clothes and big boots and trek out into the snow and muck and slush and wind on my way to the subway.