Hi. Hello. We lost a follower. I dont get it. One day all of a sudden someone goes you know what, I dont want to follow that blog anymore. Those ppl suck. I mean. I would think that the Niner either appeals to a person immediately or not at all. Oh. I know. Maybe it's one of the writers. Like say for instance xTx is driving ppl away. Plus I mean. Fuck You, Unfollower. Really. I mean. The joke is totally on you. I mean like whothefuck follows blogs anymore anyway?

Because really It's only writing. Words. On a page. By a voice that sounds like the voice in your head. At least until you meet the typer and go wow I thought you would sound totally different.

Also in other news. The post below this one is very much fine. Peggy like it. Those are my favorite commercials right now btw. That and the dang woodchucks. Is a woodchuck a groundhog? I am not sure and too lazy to Google. You can answer me on FB ok? But not Rotto, he hates FB.

On the topic of Rotto: The counsel met for several hours yesterday before passing down the verdict that he is forgiven for using "cast sunlight" in such a gay way. Close call tho, Broham. Close call.

There are other things I want to tell you but I will do it in list form as I know you are busy as a motherfucker today.

1. Where I live is not pretty when all the leaves are off the trees.
2. There is a hillbilly house across the street from me.
3. The hillbilly lady only had one glove so she shoveled her snow one-handed.
4. Raining.
5. Waiting for a snow storm.
6. Aussie Open on tv it looks so hot there.
7. Andy Roddick's woman is seriously hot.
8. I love you, sweet babies.
9. And I always will.